A joy to experience in Uzuncaorman without Bagapsh

Istanbul – The Caucasian Diaspora in Turkey is firmly resolved to conduct a series of activities in the Uzuncaorman village of the Hendek district of Sakarya, a north-western city of Turkey, despite the absence of Abkhazian President Sergei Bagapsh, who was scheduled to attend the activities there before his trip was cancelled.   

Uzuncahamam will host on October 20 a group of representatives of the Abkhazian Diaspora from across Turkey. This group of representatives are expected to voice their reaction against interference from the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Bagapsh’s plans of trip to Turkey.   

Meanwhile, the Committee of Solidarity between Caucasians and Abkhazians issued a call for a high turnout of participants in the village of Uzuncahamam. Participants will first meet at 11 am at the Akyazi tolls on the Istanbul-Ankara highway and then march towards Uzuncaorman at 12 am.  (Agency Caucasus)